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Thursday, July 3, 2008 "SECRET SHOW!":
Brand New Sin has a side project called The Undesirables. We host open mic night here in Syracuse every Thursday night at Mac’s Bad Art Bar. We’ve been doing our open mic since July of 2006 (originally at Station 58) whenever we are home from tour.
Week to week there are new faces, new bands, guest karaoke singers, young, old, male, female, bikers, yuppies, metal-heads, punk-rockers, radio junkies, rich, poor: a cross-demographic of the Syracuse test-market. What better way to showcase your new songs than to sign up for the open mic night and get on stage and jam? We have some regulars that sit in every week. Every now and then an unknown band surprises us. We also get some unknown out of state musicians just passing through or visiting relatives. It’s exciting and different every week.

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